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Eco bike lighting
February 4, 2010, 10:29 am
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The Magtenlight MLS-150 is a lighting system for your bike that uses a contact-less dynamo to generate the energy to power your lights. The system works by mounting a large ring of 32 magnets on the spokes of your bike, which moves past the dynamo coil, generating an electric current. Since the dynamo is not in physical contact with the magnet, the system is frictionless, which means you don’t feel any resistance when cycling.

Since there are so many magnets on the magnet ring, the result is a decent amount of electric current, which is enough to power the bright lights. There are two lights in the kit, one for the front, and one for the rear of the bike. Magtenlight has rated the front headlight at 15 Lux when cycling at at 15km/h, which meets German safety requirements going by the mention of the cryptic Germany StVZO 22A No:23 code.

As an additional safety function, the bike will light up for an additional 4 minutes when you stop. This is great if you have a puncture that you need to sort out at the roadside, as drivers and pedestrians will still be able to see you at night. The design looks great and practical, and the pricing within the UK is expected to be around £50 or around 99 Euros in Europe.


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