Freddie James

Cork Laptop Case
February 4, 2010, 10:24 am
Filed under: 1, Eco Design

This Cork Laptop Case has been made from fabric backed cork stitched into a pouch. The case helps protect your laptop from harm and as it is made from cork the laptop case is eco friendly.

The Cork Laptop Case is made from FSA (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cork. Natural Cork is taken from the bark of a cork oak tree, the tree is not harmed by this removal and replenishes the cork bark over time. This makes cork a material that can be harvested from the trees in a sustainable manner. It also biodegrades well as it is organic and can even be recycled into other things with relative ease.

There used to be a great need for cork, for bottle corks and such like, however more recently the need for natural cork has been diminished. Due to this decreasing need the cork oak trees in the Mediterranean are in danger. These trees are important to the area, maintaining biodiversity, protecting the landscape and of course the trees help to absorb a lot of carbon dioxide.  Finding new uses for this cork then is important.

The Cork Laptop Case protects laptops form harm as the cork cushions the laptop within, protecting it from bumps and scratches. Cork is a very light material and so makes a great laptop case as it adds barely any weight.

The case comes in three different sizes: Macbook 13″  which gives a case that is 39cm x 26.7cm (15.4in x 10.5in), PC Laptop 15″ which gives a case that is 42.5cm x 29cm (16.7in x 11.4in) and Macbook Pro 15″ which gives a case that is 42.5cm  x 29cm (16.7in x 11.4in).

The cork laptop case is priced at just £22.00 plus delivery.


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