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January 21, 2010, 3:57 pm
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(Although showing mostly online documentation i am researching just as much if not more through books in the AUCB library. they simply get less recognition on my blog as those entries go straight to my sketchbook, whereas i use my blog to document web research and copy it up later. furthermore if reading this your at the comp and most likely don’t want to trek for books will be scanning some images soon though.)

My first step was to pose the question to myself “what is domesticity?”  Yielding the answer

–noun, plural -ties.

1. the state of being domestic; domestic or home life.
2. a domestic or household act, activity, duty, or chore

To start my research into how i  wish to explore the domestic environment i first headed to (choosing to do so over books as surely the best photos of the home and its  inhabitants comes best from those that inhabit them) where i bluntly searched “domesticity”. This turned up a varied array of results ranging from newlyweds to heroin addicts, encompassing nearly everything in-between. One of the first realizations to hit me was that the work i found most engaging came from environments far removed from my own, not surprisingly now i come to think of it. Secondly i came to realize that domesticity was fundamentally approachable through most styles of photography be that , allowing me to utilize both location and studio techniques if i so wish.

Having realized this I though it good to collect a range of both studio and location images that i felt showed domesticity before I began pondering to hardly my own concepts.

I decided the next step to help me gain initial idea’s and concepts would be to look for a range of photographs classed as showing ‘domesticity’.

This resulted in the finding of many images and ideas, bellow are a few of my fav’s that inspired me most.

Some of my initial attemps at Domesticity images (not inline with my project theme, but good practice)

Having looked at my images and talked over the feel and style that my photo’s communicated i began to look into the realm of painting rather than photography. Having looked at a few painters i have  particularly liked and noted the work of a 17th century painter Vermeer (images bellow) who’s use of subtle tones and bleak feel make his images of domestic scenes seem much more secluded and voyeuristic.


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