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Haiti v Avatar
January 21, 2010, 10:09 am
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So apparently im the only person not to have seen Avatar, but even i can recognise no matter how good a plot or all that, its still wrong it is receiving more money in the box office than the world is donating to Haiti and its earthquake victims.

Below, an infographic by Jer Thorp which aims to make the relief commitments of various countries more concrete by turning them into “Avatar minutes”–that is, the amount of shooting time for Avatar that a given country’s donations would have bought. No country gets you past the opening scenes, and the U.S. comes in at a mere six minutes:

  • Sweden: 38 minutes
  • Luxembourg: 28 minutes
  • Denmark: 26 minutes
  • Guyana: 25 minutes
  • Norway: 20 minutes
  • Estonia: 14 minutes
  • Australia: 8 minutes
  • Finland: 6 minutes
  • United States: 6 minutes
  • Switzerland: 5 minutes
  • New Zealand: 4 minutes
  • Netherlands: 3 minutes
  • United Kingdom: 3 minutes
  • Canada: 3 minutes
  • Spain: 2 minutes
  • Brazil: 2 minutes
  • Germany: 1 minute
  • Japan: 1 minute
  • Morocco: 1 minute
  • Poland: 1 minute
  • Italy: 1 minute


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